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Complex Parc Pini Moinesti

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Located in a natural setting, on the top of Oșoiu Hill, on the outskirts of Moinești, surrounded by a reservation of black pines, the tourist complex will introduce you in a fairytale atmosphere. The rustic ambience, the scent of pines and the spectacle of the entire nature reserve are the prerequisites for a successful and refreshing vacation.

Complex Parc Pini Moinesti Complex Parc Pini Moinesti


In Moinești can be found the only natural reserve of black pine in the county and one of the few of its kind in Romania and Europe.

The black pine forest is also the only protected area in Moinești, which is included in Law no. 5/2000 regarding the management of national territory, section - protected areas. The Pine Forest Reserve covers 15 ha and is located on the south-eastern slope of Oșoiu Hill, just above the central part of the city.

The unique forest is planted by the Steaua Romana Oil Company, in 1930, in order to stabilize the landslides in the area.

There is also a modern tourist settlement here, called Moinești Pine Park Complex, with restaurant / terrace, accommodation and tennis court.

In the area there are also several mineral springs, whose therapeutic properties raised Moinești, in the 1930s, to the rank of spa resort.

Complex Parc Pini Moinesti Complex Parc Pini Moinesti Complex Parc Pini Moinesti Complex Parc Pini Moinesti


The restaurant has 150 places where you can spend unforgettable moments alongside friends and family. You can choose from a diverse menu that combines the famous international dishes with the specific Romanian specialties along with the best wines.