Our restaurant is the ideal place where you can organize business meetings and meals, anniversaries and any important event in your life.

In a distinguished atmosphere, our clients will enjoy every evening our delicious dishes prepared by the master chefs.

The menu you can choose from is diverse, where famous international dishes are combined with the specific Romanian specialties along with the best wines.

Let yourself savour the culinary delicacies of our restaurant, in an exceptional ambience, suitable for romantic dinners, birthdays as well as special events: cocktails, weddings, christenings, festive meals, etc.

The restaurant is the place where you can spend unforgettable moments with friends and family.

During summer we are waiting for you to relax on the terrace of the restaurant, a true oasis of greenery and quiet, welcoming and cool, right at the base of the forest.



Winery (basement hall) - 35 seats

Ground floor - 150 seats

Red Hall (floor room) - 45 seats


Covered terrace - 70 seats

Outdoor terrace - 150 seats

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